InVisage Launches Industry’s Highest Performance Smartphone Camera Sensor Quantum13

Using advanced quantum physics, the Quantum13 brings cinematography-grade dynamic range and smooth motion capture to smartphones, driving silicon CMOS image sensors into obsolescence

Beijing, China (November 11, 2015)InVisage Technologies Inc., the pioneering developer of QuantumFilm™ camera sensors, today introduced its inaugural product, the Quantum13 camera sensor. Leveraging the power of advanced nanotechnology found in the company’s QuantumFilm platform, the Quantum13 captures images with full tonal ranges in high and low light, and is the first smartphone camera sensor with an electronic global shutter. Today in Beijing, InVisage is showcasing Quantum13-enabled smartphones running on both Qualcomm and Mediatek platforms. Shipments to smartphone vendors will start this quarter.

The Quantum13 is the world’s first electronic image sensor that does not use silicon but rather a quantum dot film, QuantumFilm, to capture light. QuantumFilm has a natural light response curve matching the human eye. As a result, the Quantum13 has a powerful single-shot high dynamic range mode called QuantumCinema. This mode provides up to 3 additional stops of dynamic range compared to conventional CMOS image sensors. This means both still and video modes will see this level of performance without any added HDR software processing, which can often cause a missed moment and a distorted image.

Quantum13 also offers the world’s first electronic global shutter for smartphones, a camera technology that enables full frame capture instead of the cumbersome rolling shutter method that CMOS sensors use to scan from the top of the image to the bottom. With this electronic global shutter, Quantum13-enabled smartphones can capture crisp still photos of fast-moving subjects at full frame shutter speeds normally reserved for digital SLRs, and delivers smooth 2K and 4K video without any rolling shutter distortion.

“The launch of Quantum13 marks a new era for the smartphone camera industry,” said Jess Lee, CEO of InVisage. “For the first time, smartphones will capture images on an entirely new medium. Not silicon. Not film. QuantumFilm. We are thrilled to showcase the capabilities of Quantum13 to the richest and most vibrant ecosystem for smartphones. And we are delighted to share that several smartphone vendors have already adopted Quantum13 for upcoming release.”

Quantum13 is a 13-megapixel, 1.1-micron pixel camera sensor that fits in an 8.5-millimeter by 8.5-millimeter module. With light absorption 8 times faster than silicon, QuantumFilm creates an ultra-thin light capture medium that accommodates much higher incident angles of light, resulting in an unprecedented 4-millimeter camera module height. This thinner camera module allows for even thinner smartphone camera designs.

“InVisage is targeting the mainstream 13-megapixel smartphone camera market,” added Tetsuo Omori, Senior Analyst at TSR. “According to our research, the worldwide volume of the 13-megapixel camera sensor market is projected to increase from 408 million units in 2015 to 995 million units in 2020.”

A short film shot with a Quantum13 camera was recently released and may be viewed here, along with a behind-the-scenes video that includes side-by-side comparison footage with a comparable silicon sensor here.

Pricing and Availability
Quantum13 is sampling now and initial shipments to leading smartphone vendors are expected this quarter. Pricing information may be obtained directly from InVisage at

About InVisage Technologies
InVisage Technologies, Inc. is a venture-backed advanced materials & camera platform company based in Menlo Park, Calif. that has developed QuantumFilm™, a breakthrough imaging & sensing technology. Its first product captures high fidelity, high-resolution images from mobile devices such as camera phones and digital cameras. Founded in 2006, InVisage Technologies is venture funded by GGV Capital, Nokia Growth Partners, RockPort Capital, InterWest Partners, Intel Capital, Oceanwide, and OnPoint Technologies.

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